FCA Volleyball

Restoring Relationships x Developing Leaders


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we believe that sports has the largest influence on the world

we believe God desires to see His Kingdom unlocked through the influence of sports

we believe coaches and athletes will be the ones that unlock the Kingdom

we have made a commitment to equip and empower coaches and athletes to do just that  


with God - yes, we believe in living for God. but we get really excited about living our life with God because, like Paul says in Philippians 3, nothing is better than really knowing God

healthy leaders make healthy leaders - we believe Jesus modeled a life worthy of being imitated and actually empowered us to do the same in Matthew 28

family on mission - we believe doing life and pursuing a mission is always better together so we read Acts over and over again to be inspired to build thriving communities


Sports With God

We know how difficult it is to relate and build a continuing deeper relationship with God. The main conversation we have with players is God's desire to relate to us, how he designed us for connection, how our identity is finally solidified as a child of God as we walk with Him and trust him, and we discuss how do we take action to pursue Him back.  Through our trainings, conversations and events out in the volleyball world, players, coaches, and parents are relating to God throughout the day and beginning to join Him in helping others connect to Him too!  We can do all things WITH God and we don't believe He as any desire for us to do anything apart from Him.


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