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Christa Dietzen's Story

My Walk With God: As an athlete, I run around trying to gage my worth with activities and accomplishments. The Lord has shown me a whole new light of internal character focus since I gave my life to Him. "Being must be settled before doing." God protected me through the years before giving my life to Him, and I owe my life to striving to be like Christ. He has rocked my world ever since June of 2010 and has blessed me on and off the court. Through my thoughts and my actions, I want to be conscience of the Lord's ways. He is the truth in my life, and I never feel alone.

The Lord loves to fill my cup through the energy pumping during Church and fellowship gatherings. Whether it is the song lyrics or just watching Him pour out into peoples lives, it is amazing when He shows me His work. We also have a new found connection on the volleyball court in that I have finally learned to let go and not "help" Him(come on the Lord doesn't need help!) and trust Him. The Lord has given me amazing peace and freedom when I finally let go. I control the things I can control, and He takes care of the rest.


USA VOLLEYBALL PROFILE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlFrLxoWnos


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