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Meghan Locklair

Meghan has been on the FCAV team since May 2012.  After graduating from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, she moved out to Huntington Beach, California to join the FCAV staff.  Up until college she spent her entire life living on the east coast in Charleston, South Carolina. She was raised by a solid family that embraced sports, specific Kingdom calling and close relationship with God. Meghan first worked with the FCAV team when she helped run a camp in South Carolina. Since then, the idea of using the sport of volleyball to restore relationships with God and develop leaders has captured her passion and guided her specific calling. Having seen the potential inside of the collegiate athlete’s platform, she is now able to put all creative energy towards developing and leading the FCAV Internships.  She works specifically with college players both locally in Orange County and nationally all across the country in developing them as leaders that will carry on the vision of learning how to play with God and ultimately live and lead with God. 


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