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Restoring Relationships x Developing Leaders


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Our desire is to develop and equip collegiate athletes who want to know God more and use volleyball to impact their team and community.  Are you ready to solidify your relationship with God and begin to really lead?

"Between their team, coaches, friends, family, fans, and classmates, the average college athlete has an incredibly large network of people that they influence.The aim of this internship is to develop a unique group of male and female collegiate volleyball players from across the country into better athletes, leaders, and missional-minded believers who are actively living out Jesus’ call to make disciples."

  • We are looking for 15 college players who will dedicate 2 months of their summer to experience this life-changing program.

  • Internship cost will be about $4,000. This amount will be fundraised by the intern. Interns will be highly trained on this process, as FCA is a fully fundraised Non-Profit organization.

  • During the week, mornings will involve workouts and trainings that focus on improving the mental, physical, and technical side of the game.

  • For the first half of the internship, trainings will be on the beach and the second half will be indoor.

  • Weekday afternoons will involve planning and running high school and jr. high camps where the intern has the opportunity to be challenged as a leader as they influence younger players.

  • Throughout the entire summer, interns are invested in by our staff and local leaders, living and doing life with 14 other collegiate athletes.