FCA Volleyball

Restoring Relationships x Developing Leaders


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Leadership growth
     o You will lead things you have never done before, learn to follow, and to incorporate God in your decision making
     o Lead 5+ summer camps including South Carolina camp with over 200 athletes
     o Lead weekly responsibilities/projects
     o Develop/lead areas of the FCAV ministry in Southern California
     o Learn how to bring your leadership back to your campus

Living situation
    o Life in community (girls on campus dorms, guys off campus housing)
        • Live with 5 other interns, and intern leader
        • Learn to handle conflict through communication
    o Be prepared to be flexible
    o Quick to forgive and quick to adjust
    o Expect to respect everyone by being clean and cleaning the house

Working out
    o Two days with a top trainer – Out of Bounds Training [Boot camp]
    o Two days volleyball workouts and practice led by professionals and other qualified leaders (1st half summer beach, 2nd half indoor)
    o Weights on Saturday

    o Learn, follow, and apply the philosophies or doing sports WITH God, not just FOR Him
    o Be a great extension of FCAV at every school, camp, or clinic you attend

    o You will be trained and encouraged along the way of raising $3,500.

    o We will go on two trips (Cost included in $3500)

Spiritual Growth
    o Learn
         • Teachings each week w/ reflection time
    o Seek God 1-1
        • Daily quiet times
        • Sabbath (you will be trained and walked through on this process)
    o Experience sharing your faith
    o Group studies
    o Speak at volleyball camps/lead camps and small groups

Life as a family
     o We will teach you
        • Honor
        • Love when you don’t agree
        • Communicate about the issue not the person
        • Share and be vulnerable
    o We will work as a unit
        • Serve each other
        • Spend time together
        • Use our skills to obtain the goals of the family not self

Submission to FCAV Leadership
    o Our staff and team will speak truth in love to you
    o We will treat you like an adult and expect those characteristics
    o Complete your tasks and projects as if for the Lord and not men

Evaluated and held to our core values:
    o “With God” – Know God, Serve God
    o Growing Family – Welcoming, Loving, Maturing Together
    o Strategic Leadership – Develop and Lead Strategically
    o True Identity – Discovering and Embracing our Identity as Children of God
    o Others Focused – We Serve Others as More Important than Ourselves

We have the most incredible summer planned and we are praying with you guys for what God has for you. Please email us at vball@fca.org with any questions. We would love to hear from you and please send any prayer requests; we have a team that will join you in prayer. God bless!


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