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Daniel is the founder and director of Volleyball for FCA. Volleyball started early for Daniel, following his father’s footsteps a families passion in South Carolina, he continued playing into Clemson University on their club team. It was in college, that sand volleyball tournaments and coaching took root.

FCA and volleyball always mixed in Daniel’s before he started FCAV in 2008. Believers who loved volleyball always reached out and invited me to FCA and church. In 2007 he was asked, “what’s one thing you would do for God if you knew you couldn’t fail” and a clear answer flew through my mind, “I would start a volleyball ministry in the AVP”. Following that vision, FCAV was pioneered in 2008.

FCAV is an expression of Daniel’s journey, since graduating from Clemson God has proven that He cares more about doing life with him than any value we can bring to Him. He has convinced Daniel that developing leaders in their identities and authority is the answer to the issues we face in culture, relationships, and in families! Daniel has found the perfect job in FCAV that aligns with his vision of creating a movement through developing leaders, building the Kingdom with our Father, and going on an adventure With God.


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