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FCA Volleyball Partnership Camp Information

How we do it:
· Excellent volleyball coaching
· Bring our group of college and professional players that are committed to help kids develop a relationship with God
· Create an encouraging and challenging atmosphere
· Teach how the Bible applies to life

Partnership details:
· Partnering schools responsibilities
    - Financially
        -$15/athlete (Bible and FCAV T-shirt)
        -$75/day (covers FCA staff expenses and gift cards for pros)
    - Handle sign up and registration 
    - Create a camp budget
· What we provide
    - Our highly trained coaches and volunteers
    - Run the whole camp (practice and spiritual component)
    - FCA can and will provide its own insurance

What are your next steps?
· Select and finalize date and location
· Set up a face to face meeting between FCAV and your on site camp coordinator
    - Clarify and sign partnership agreement form
    - Help you to determine camp budget


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